The future of sustainable housing in Cambodia

What it is:

In conjunction among the NGOs, Building Trust International, Habitat for Humanity and Karuna Cambodia three projects of sustainable housing have been completed in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These sustainable house construtions are made for low income families around the world to make their life circumstances better. Such a house can be build for $2000 (€1485) and it can withhold flooding. People who want a house like this can choose one that fits the needs in their lifestyle.

The picture below shows the options and features of the construction:

The house below is made of sustainable materials like bamboo, smart board, timber and palm.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because in countries like Cambodia there are many people living in poverty. Now that this constructions are here they also can have their own safe and dry house to live in. It is also cool because the construction can be adapted to the lifestyle needs of a person and it doesn’t cost a fortune. everyone should have a safe home in my eyes!

Why it has future growth potentional:

I think this has great future growth potentional because there are many people around the world living in need. With these costs it is made possible for them to get their own house, and they will. Also the world is in need of a more sustainable living because of the global warming. These houses will contribute to that sustainable living which gives it even more growth potentional.

This innovation contributes to the wellbeing of people with a low income on Physical wellbeing, material wellbeing, social wellbeing, development and activity and emotional wellbeing.




sustainable roads


What it is:

A group of researchers from the University of Alberta’s Integrated Road Research Facility (IRRF) are busy doing tests on new sustainable roads. A 500 metre long road on the northeast Anthony Henday, near the Edmonton Waste Management Facility is part of this test. The group of researchers want to test new road constructions made of recycled tires to prevent problems current roads have. One of these problems is temperatures below zero. When it’s winter, moisture will get in between little cracks in the road. When the temperature will drop below zero after, this moisture will freeze and expand in between these cracks, which will break the road. Driving on a road that’s broken increases the risk of the driver and potentional accidents because of losing control of the car or so.

To build these roads there will be nearly one million rubber tires needed and 800 tonnes of bottom ash. The test road is equipped with over 200 sensors which can be used by the researchers to see how the road will do after it’s opened this july. The biggest challenges will be freeze and thaw.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because this construction is innovative, sustainable and also because if it works it will make driving safer when roads will no longer have those cracks and holes in it. And who thought you could still drive on your tires when they’re no longer usable for your car. Just donate them to the road.

Why it has future growth potentional:

It’s hard to say if this construction really has growth potentional because they’re still testing it, it even still have to be opened for the real tests. Besides that, one million used tires for 80 metres of road is a big number, so how realizable is this construction for the world. Ofcourse it is possible the rubber for the road will be made in factories, but then, how sustainable is the road then? We’ll have to wait for a time to see how the road will do with traffic, but for now it’s a good innovation to make the world a little more sustainable and driving safer.

When driving will be safer because of this new road construction it will contribute to the physical wellbeing (mobility & personal safety), material wellbeing (security&transport) and emotional wellbeing (faith/belief) of people who ride on these roads.



Hive-Inn hotel

What it is:

The Hive-Inn hotel is a total new design to build a tower. The tower has a frame in the middle of it, and around that frame used sea containers will be used as rooms. The containers will not be in there as usaul, but more like the famous game ‘Jenga’. This construction makes that the building can shrink and grow whenever wanted or needed. The architects say it is easy to remove or add containers in every position of the building.

The containers will probably also function as an adverticement for companies. They can buy hotelroom container(s) which will be made in the theme of the company, in- and outside.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because it’s such a new way of building and living and it is also environment friendly because of the re-use of the used containers. This way of building makes a tower so much more flexible.

Why it has future growth potentional:

This has growth potentional because the way of building is not only suitable for towers, but (maybe) also for houses. Nowadays when you and your partner expecting kids for example, you need to move out and go live bigger in another house. or vice versa when your kids moving out of your house and you want to live smaller again, you also need to move out to another house. But if this structure is going further it can be possible to just add or move extra room to/from your current house within no time instead of being busy moving to another house for weeks or even months.

This contributes to the material wellbeing, social wellbeing and emotional wellbeing.



From sciencefiction to reality, TF-X’s flying car

What it is:

We’ve seen flying cars in movies like Harry Potter, yet we still drive on the road ourselves. But if it’s up to the group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni, not for much longer. This group devised a concept for a flying car named TF-X.

The TF-X will be a 4 seat car with 2 wings at it’s side and 3 motors inside. 2 electric motors good for 600 horsepower each which will drive the 2 propellers and 1 gasoline motor which is good for 300 horsepower. In the air the car is able to reach 321.8 kmh and can fly for 804.8 km distance.

The car can be flown by a licensed pilot with a minimal training of 5 hours. The car can also land itself on the ground if something happens with the pilot. For real bad cases the car will have it’s own parachute inside so the people inside the car can save themselves. The car will also detect and avoid crowded airlines itself.

Why it is cool:

This concept is cool because it’s going to make history and future at the same time. We’ve seen flying cars in movies for a while now but they never became anything but sciencefiction and dreams. Now this sciencefiction dream will come true in a few years (8 to 12 years the makers say)

Why it has future growth potentional:

I think the flying car has future growth potentional because it can be the problemsolver for traffic jams. While there are just a few traffic lines on the ground, the air has all the space you want and need. It’s not that you only have 3 or 4 traffic lanes to choose from in the air like we have these days. This car also runs mostly on electric motors which are way more sustainable and environmentally responsible than gasoline motors. This makes the cities more sustainable and creates a new way of human movement.

This contributes to the physical, material and emotional wellbeing of people.



Freedom ship, a floating city

What it is:

The Freedom Ship is a concept that maybe is going to be realised in the (near) future. It is a ship that has much in common with the cruiseships we know these days. The difference between the Freedom Ship and a cruiseship is that you don’t turn home after a few weeks of holiday. The Freedom Ship is going to be a floating city, a cruiseship were people live on. It will have everything on board what a normal city has on land.

The Freedom Ship will float around the world in 2 years. Appartments start at a price of $121,000 for a 300-square-foot suite. At the 21st floor the prices start at 3 million dollar up to 11 million dollar for a 5,100-square-foot room. So it’s most likely the Freedom Ship is going to be for the rich and famous. Below is a tabulation with specifications about the Freedom Ship (

freedom ship tabel

The Freedom Ship stands for sustainability and human movement

Why it is cool:

This is cool because the world is going to camp with an overpopulation. The Freedom Ship concept opens up new opportunities by getting people to live on sea, which makes more room on land ofcourse. If you live on the Freedom Ship you also see many countries all around the world which makes it even more cool.

Why it has future growth potentional:

The Freedom Ship has big growth potentional in the future. Like I just said the world population is getting too big. This is a great way to go for the world while trying to solve the overpopulation

This will contribute to the physical wellbeing, material wellbeing, social wellbeing, emtional wellbeing and development and activity of people



Reflectie op mij als coolhunter



1.What Do I miss?

Wanneer ik een signaal opvang denk ik vrijwel altijd door en ga ik op zoek naar meerdere soortgelijke signalen. Dit om er zeker van te zijn dat het onderwerp/ de behoefte echt speelt en het dus een nuttig signaal is of niet. Eerder dit jaar bleef ik vaak echt maar bij één signaal, dus hierin ben ik vooruit gegaan.

2. Does It Have Future Growth Potential to the Broader Masses?

Wanneer ik aan het coolhunten ben kijk ik bijna niet meer naar mijn eigen smaak of voorkeuren. Aan het begin van het schooljaar deed ik dit wel vaker, wat ook niet zo raar is als je je bedenkt dat je op dat moment nog helemaal niks van het coolhunten af weet en je dus makkelijker je weg zal vinden in signalen waar je eigen interesses liggen. In dit opzicht heb ik de afgelopen 6 maanden goede stappen gezet.

3. What Does Not Bore Me? ­What Comes Next?

Het gebeurd af en toe weleens dat ik een signaal links laat liggen, gewoon omdat het mijn interesse totaal niet wekt. En ik denk ook niet dat het op zo’n moment vaak alleen maar goed is om iets te laten varen. Tussen ‘niet mijn voorkeur/smaak’ en ‘totaal oninteressant voor mij persoonlijk’ zit een grote kloof, mijn posts zouden er niet beter op worden als ik het laatste toch zou doorzetten. Hiermee wil ik dus eigenlijk zeggen dat ik weldegelijk kijk naar wat ik interessant vindt, ik zoek tussen punt 2 & 3 een middenweg.

4. Work On Your Archive.

Wanneer ik een signaal opvang buiten de tijd dat ik aan mij blog werk dan archiveer ik deze op verschillende manieren. Een signaal op internet archiveer ik door de link naar de site in een word documentje op te slaan, komt het uit de krant of een tijdschrift dan knip ik deze uit of plak ik een post it op de desbetreffende bladzijde. Hoor of zie ik een signaal op radio of tv dan zoek ik vrijwel altijd gelijk op internet naar het signaal en sla deze ook op in het word document. Op straat maak ik foto’s van signalen. Dit gaat goed op deze manier.

5. The Most Important Groups in your city (Artists? Music scene? Designers? Exciting app builders?) Ask yourself if you have access to these most important groups and how you can enhance your chances that they want to meet you.

Deze vraag heb ik nog niet echt letterlijk gebruikt. Ik richt me nu vooral nog op mijn eigen ontwikkelingen in het vak zelf en nog niet echt naar het leggen van connecties. Natuurlijk doe ik dit wel, maar niet in het bijzonder op het gebied van coolhunten. Eén van mijn sporten is golf en op de club heb ik makkelijk toegang tot het leggen van waardevolle en belangrijke connecties in de zakenwereld. Een groot deel van mijn familie is succesvol zelfstandig ondernemer, en op feestjes en verjaardagen leer ik ook mensen kennen die waardevol kunnen zijn.

6. Look for Patterns in Cool. This is essential: to go under the surface of Cool and to discover, construct and document Cool mentality trends.

Ik merk dat ik me hier meer mee bezig ga houden. Zoals ik al zei was het aan het begin van dit jaar meer zoeken naar één enkel signaal. Naarmate de tijd vordert begin ik ook steeds verder te kijken en probeer ik patronen te ontdekken. Dit is op dit moment van mijn ontwikkeling vaak nog wel wat lastig. the role of the Coolhunter type that you are not.

Dit heb ik op dit moment nog niet echt gedaan. Ik blijf nog veel op mijn eigen gebied maar ga het binnenkort zeker een kans geven!

8. If you come across a potential new trend or phenomenon, always try to Assess What It Means. How can you describe The Mentality Behind? Discuss this with others.
Ik ben van mezelf al een redelijke twijfelaar en vaak bang dat ik het niet goed heb gedaan. Ik wil anders dan de rest zijn en daardoor is het vaak ook lastig inschatten of ik het nu wel of niet goed heb gedaan. Hierdoor bespreek ik de door mij gevonden signalen en blogposts geregeld met mensen die er meer verstand over hebben dan ik.

9. Make clear to your self What Is New and What Is Totally New.

Wanneer ik een signaal opvang dat al wat ouder is dan 2 maanden sta ik er altijd eerst bij stil of het nog relevant is, en waarom dan. Het artikel kan al wel oud zijn, maar dat wil niet altijd zeggen dat het al op de markt ligt, laat staan dat het bekend is.

10.Does It Confirm and Add To What We Really Have Discovered or Are We Encountering Something Totally New?

Wanneer ik een signaal zie dat geen link heeft met andere signalen dan zie ik dat als een totaal nieuw signaal en maak ik hier een nieuwe post van. Wanneer een signaal een link heeft met een ander signaal dat ik heb gevonden dan maak ik liever een cluster van die signalen om zo beter te kunnen laten zien dat het een sterk signaal is.

11. Sharpen your perspective of what is growing big too fast, what goes over the top, right now or in the near future? Probably a new counter Cool mentality trend is developing under the surface.

Ik heb me tot op heden nog niet echt bezig gehouden met het kijken naar signalen en of deze over de top zouden kunnen gaan of te snel zouden kunnen groeien.

Al met al kan ik stellen dat ik in het afgelopen half jaar goede stappen heb gezet om een goede coolhunter te worden. In het een heb ik grotere stappen gezet dan het ander, maar dat is in mijn ogen nog niet zo erg. Door deze reflectie heb ik nieuwe technieken leren kennen die ik in de toekomst wil gaan toepassen tijdens het hunten!



Dutch supermarket and their label- fairy tales

What it is:

The price war in The Netherlands among supermarkets has been going on for over years now, but the real losers are the citizens and the animals. They all claim to have the best meat for the lowest price, but all they really care about is the price and the profit they make from it. The meat pretty much doesn’t mean anything to them, except that it’s their appliance to make that profit.

In the store shelves they all claim to have the best meat and make up the most nonsensical stories about where there food comes from and how good the animals they use for their meat lives.

For example there was this packing with shoarma and it said; “Craft according to Old Dutch Butcher recipe since 1955. Skillfully carved shoarma strips, spiced with cumin and mace.”. Nothing wrong with that you would think, only that shoarma isn’t Dutch but has it’s origin from the Mid-East since 1800. The original recipe is made from vertical stacked lambflesh, and it’s flavored with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg and is getting cut into strips while the flesh is spinning around.

Another example is from another supermarket that claims their animals they use for their meat are living in good circumstances, because their label has a star on it. Also a very good thing, if it was true. This one star only means that the animals get just enough iron to prevent anemia, they’re getting more roughage, the corrals have no bare slatted floor and the animals get shorter transport to farm and slaughterhouse. Upward of 2 or 3 stars they don’t even mention space to live for their animals. So if they live with like 600 animals in a corral made for 300 animals, they still got the star and they claim they give their animals a better/good quality of life.

Why it is cool:

It’s not that cool at all. But what I think is cool is to see how easy they can fool people with some nice stories on the packages of their food.

Why I think this has future growth potentional:

Like I have mentioned in some of my other blogposts, this is the time where the lying companies are getting exposed. Yet it’s weird to still see people getting fooled so easily by these companies. We pretty much all know we can’t trust them, but still we fall for their fairy tale commercials if we see 5 cows in a big green meadow while the sun shines down on them. Do we really believe them or do we just want to believe it so badly? I’m not sure yet what to say about future growth potentional.

source: (Dutch)


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