Evernote Food


What is it?

Evernote Food is an app made for iOS and Android.

This app keeps track of everything about your “foodlife”.

“What did you eat this morning?”, “What did you eat one week ago?” or, “what is the name again of that restaurant with the delicious pasta you went to 3 months ago?”

Most of us already really have to think for a while when they’ve got the first question asked, not to even think about the other two questions.

With this app you can always retrieve the answers on those kind of questions, you can even take pictures of your meal which you can add to the note.

But that’s not all.

On this app you can

– discover new recipes to cook

– add recipes to your “cookbook”.

– discover new restaurants, on your preferences.

Why it’s cool?

With Evernote Food You’ll never have to buy, store, or carry those big cook books anymore, it’s all on this app.

It can also really help people who are on a diet, to keep track of everything they eat and have a clear summary.

It makes life a little easier, and your “foodlife” a whole more easy then before.

Learn more about Evernote Food at http://evernote.com/food/



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