KLM Meet & Seat


What it is:

Meet & Seat is a concept by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Meet & Seat gives passengers of KLM the opportunity to meet new people when they are traveling on the same flight.

On the KLM website you can use it simply by going to the My Trip page and log in.

Once you’re logged in, you connect your KLM account to your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account.

After doing this step you can select the profile details you want to show to/share with other passengers on your flight and you can add your personal travel details.

Once you’ve done this, a “seat map” will show you profile details of passengers on your flight who are also using Meet & Seat, which seat they’re on, and which seats are available.

If you’ve found another passenger that for instance has the same hobby, travel goals or even the same hair color and the seat next to the person is still available, you can choose to sit next to that person. You can also change your seat as often as you want to.

Why it is cool:

Meet & Seat is great to expand your network, for having accompany when you’re traveling alone, even to find a date when you’re single!

This is social media in real life, you can meet new people on your own preferences.

Many people have to travel by themselves and would like some accompany on their trips.

With Meet & Seat it’s possible!


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