Red Bull gives you wings!


What it is:

‘Red Bull’ is the brand name of a drink which gives you more energy after you drink it.

The Red Bull logo is made out of 2 colors which are strong when combined, red and yellow. It has 2 bulls in it reaching to eachother with their horns which radiates power and strenght.

The cans also have some strong colors combined, blue and silver.

In the last decade Red Bull almost transformed from a simple energy drink to a worldwide famous brand that supports the big names from almost every (extreme) sport.

These days Red Bull organizes really big events all over the world.

One of those events is ‘Red Bull X-fighters’, which is a freestyle motocross event with all of the professional riders (sponsored by Red Bull ofcourse). At these events Red Bull logo’s are all over the place.

Red Bull also makes tons of inspirational videos with Red Bull’s pro’s in it. They always wear or ride with Red Bull stickers on them.

Red Bulls slogan to the people is ‘Red Bull gives you wings’, which stands for the energy you would get from drinking a Red Bull.

Red Bull also has many commercials all over the world with that slogan.

With all this together they have created an experience.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because Red Bull has created an experience for people who look up to the famous guys in sports who are sponsored by Red Bull.

They see these guys drinking Red Bull in almost every interview and video, and the people watching these videos and look up to them want to be like their hero on the screen.

So when they see them drinking Red Bull, they want to drink it too.. Because if he or she drinks it and is such a great talent at the thing they do, maybe it is because of the Red Bull.

Red Bull has become a big part of the whole sports world.

Red Bull X-Fighters

If you want to learn more about Red Bull you can click this link to go to their website.

If you would like to see Red Bull events and videos, click this link to go to their Youtube channel.

‘Experience in the product’



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