Snowworld Landgraaf


One of my favorite places in The Netherlands, love it!

What it is:

Snowworld Landgraaf is a indoor skipiste in Landgraaf, The Netherlands.

365 days a year you can experience the winter sports feeling over there. Yes, even in July there’s snow in Snowworld!

The pistes are up to 520 meter in lenght.

With it’s pistes, hotel, outdoor park, fitnesscentre, restaurants and après ski facilities Snowworld is the biggest indoor winter sports resort of Europe.

Why it’s cool:

Snowworld Landgraaf is really cool because you can experience the winter sports feeling, in a flat land. If you’re about to go on a snowboard/ski holiday for the first time you can learn how to do it at Snowworld. You won’t miss a day from your holiday spending at the bottom of the piste while your friends are having fun at the top! It is also really great to get in touch with the winter sport experience. And if you’re already familiar with the sport, Snowworld Landgraaf is a great place to be and train to get better.

Why it has future growth potention:

At this moment Snowworld is established in both Landgraaf and Zoetermeer (which is also in The Netherlands). But because business is going so great in The Netherlands, they’re now planning to build a indoor ski resort in Barcelona and Paris.

If you want to learn more about Snowworld you can go to their website

The concept of Snowworld Landgraaf is located in phase 3, authenticity.



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