Lidl’s top class restaurant “Dill”


What it is:

Dill was a marketingstunt of Lidl Supermarket.

It was a restaurant with famous topchefs and a well trained team in the kitchen.

Last September Dill was opened for three weeks in Sweden.

Within no time Dill was fully booked and one of the hottest restaurants in the city.

But there was a secret… litterally every piece of food came from budget supermarket Lidl.

Why it is cool:

With the motto ‘Sometimes you need to change the outside, to get people to discover the inside’ this was a big succes.

When some people who say they only want the best quality see food with a Lidl logo, they don’t even want it anymore. And if they eat it it’s pretty much already set that they’re going to have a bad experience with the food.

Now that these people thought it was ‘top quality’ food cooked by famous top chefs, they experience the food in a whole other way. They liked it!

It is cool that this is proof that the product itself isn’t even that important to the customer, it’s the outside that gives them the great experience!

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