‘Meggings’… leggings for men

What it is:

Like the title already said, meggings are leggings for men. This is stated as the new male fashion trend for 2014. But is this ‘megging’ a totally new thing? No.In my previous blog I talked about the increasing popularity of female weightlifting (if you haven’t already read this blog click this link). Not only female weightlifting is gaining in popularity, but also male weightlifting has gained great popularity in the last couple of years. At this moment you may think, yeah.. so? Well what if I told you that leggings already have been worn by bodybuilders and weightlifters for over years (if not decades) at this moment. Today’s big names in the game like Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene are often seen with meggings/leggings at the gym. Leggings are popular fitness pants for both men and women. So this link tells that not only the exercises and the healthy diets, but maybe also the fitness fashion is part of this whole ‘fit- lifestyle trend’.


Why it is cool:

I think this trend is cool because with this link it shows how big the fitness trend is. A legging is comfortable to wear, and isn’t that what clothing is actually meant for? Also I think this trend is cool because wearing a legging outside was so-called ‘meant for women’. With this trend we’ve broke another ‘taboo’.

Why it has future growth potential:

I think not only the megging itself has future growth potential, but the whole ‘these clothes are strictly for men and these are strictly for women’ thing. We’re heading back to the original intent of clothing, it has to fit comfortable and don’t hinder us in our work etc.



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