‘She lifts, bro!’ Female weightlift-training is gaining in popularity

What it is:

More and more women are getting into weightlifting exercises in the gym. A fit and muscular body has become the new ideal for many women from all over the world. This trend mostly comes from famous people who are a role model for many women. One of these role models is Beyoncé. She has a body most women dream about to have themselves, but also Beyoncé have to spend hours in the gym for it.

Why it is cool:

I think this is really cool because this trend finally is a healthy one. There have been so many trends around the female body, but none of them was really healthy. All the previous years I’ve heard girls complaining about ‘I don’t want to get too bulky’ or ‘weightlifting makes women look like a bodybuilder’. And these quotes mostly came from people who didn’t know a thing about weightlifting. Because if they knew about it, they would know these professional bodybuilders use steroids to get that big and a ‘natural bodybuilder’ probably can’t even get half as big as them at their top. Also in the last decade(s) is has been an ideal to have a tight and flat belly, which you can only achieve with a proper diet and training, not by starving yourself. So it’s cool to see that women finally found their ideal body in a healthy trend like fitness.

Why it has future growth potential:

Female weightlifting is gaining poplarity like crazy. If you typ ‘female’ in the Facebook search bar, 5 out of 8 best results are pages about female fitness. One of the most popular newyears resolutions this year was going the gym more often. Also Spring and Summer are coming closer which both means that more people are going to work out to look good. That are two reasons why I think this trend has near future growth potential. I also think this trend has future growth potentional in the long rung because this trend becomes a lifestyle for many women. Once you feel and look fit and healthy it’s hard to go back for most people. Also by the fact that working out releases ‘dopamine’ inside your body which is a feel good hormone often found in drugs, makes working out an addiction. This means that when you’ve done serious fitness for a while and you stop doing it, you can feel bored and empty. So when they get this feeling they’re more likely to continue the lifestyle of fitness.


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– life 🙂



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