Cosmetic surgeries, “the metrosexual men is here to stay”

What it is:

From nose jobs to hair transplants and from botox to body contouring, more and more men are opting for cosmetic surgery. This has always been seen as a feminine thing to do, but now also men are getting conscious about ‘the need to look good’.

Manoj Khanna, an internationally aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon at Enhance Clinics said this in an interview with IANS; “Plastic surgery isn’t just for women any more. A large number of men are also opting for it. In fact, more men are going under the knife than ever before as looking your best is important in today’s image-conscious world”.According to Manoj Khanna and Anup Dhir hair transplant is the most done procedure by men, closely followed by liposuction and male breast reduction.

Most men who undergo cosmetic surgery are between 20 and 40 years old and from middle-class families. This group represents about 70% of all men who undergo cosmetic surgery. Money seems not to be a problem for these middle-class men, a hair transplant costs between €580,00 to €3475,00.

Why it is cool:

It is cool that options for cosmetic surgeries are growing, and now also more available and accepted for and by men.

Why this has future growth potention:

I think this has future growth potention because if this trend is now accepted by society and no longer is a taboo, more men will do it. The cosmetic sector is still growing, and will keep growing. Besides that everyone wants to look good and will do much to be so. With acceptation, growing sector and the need to look good combined, I think this trend has great future growth potention.




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