Dill restaurant now in business with supermarket Albert Heijn

What it is:

In one of my previous blogs I’ve talked about the Dill restaurant, where they make their food with low priced products from supermarket Lidl.

In The Hague, The Netherlands the first Dutch Dill restaurant would be opened 1 February 2014.But because supermarket Lidl didn’t want to cooperate with Ad Sedubun, who is the owner of the first Dutch Dill restaurant, he couldn’t start.

After the dissapointing news Sedubun immediatly recieved offers from different other companies like Makro, Jumbo and Albert Heijn. They saw their change and wanted to coorperate with the restaurant.

Sedubun chose to work together with Albert Heijn, and the plan was back on track. Since February 1 Dill in The Hague is opened, with ofcourse… food made from Albert Heijn products.

A lunch costs €3,50 and a dinner €5,00.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because you can see there’s a need for a cheap restaurant by the offers Ad Sedubun has recieved from big companies. They all want to make profit from it, and the customer does too because of the low prices in the restaurant.

So this is a win- win situation for both.

It also is cool that now the world knows the truth about the first Dill, which didn’t show the products came from low budget supermarket Lidl, the people are not offended by it but want more.

I think Dill restaurant makes the quality of life better for many people. Like those who don’t have the money to go out and eat in an expensive restaurant. Well, now they can and that’s beautiful!

Why is has future growth potentional:

I think this is an upcoming trend which doesn’t reached it’s top yet. There are not that much restaurants like these yet, but the need for them is growing.





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