do you know where your fastfood comes from?

What it is:

Fastfood restaurants like McDonald’s make their food look like it’s all good, and nothing bad happens. Sad enough the opposite of their beautiful looking marketing stunts is their true face.

The animals they use in their food are raised with thousands at once in small corrals and got fed so much till they can’t even stand on their own legs anymore and break them. Also the chickens beaks got cut off. This only to make maximum profits, the animal abuse they commit on such a large scale doesn’t matter to them.

Why it is cool:

There’s nothing cool about this, only that those horrible circumstances are exposed now in the below video

Why this has future growth potentional:

I think the exposing of the transparancy and honesty from companies like these is a growing trend. People are getting smarter and smarter, and since internet they just can’t hide that much anymore. if you type in exposure on youtube you get tons of results with videos like the one above. It’s a great thing to see this is happening more often nowadays, so we will know the thruth and won’t be fooled again.



Total Transparency + Food


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