what it is:

Since Facebook announced the acquisition of Whatsapp, people became affraid to lose their privacy. So they began to look for other alternatives for the popular messenger app Whatsapp, and they found it… Telegram was a new hype.

Not because people were just looking around for a new app, but for privacy. And Telegram promised them their privacy.

Since then Telegram counted around 5 million new registrations every day.

But what most people didn’t know is that Telegram is made by the Russian founder of Vkontakte, also called ‘the Russian Facebook’.

Also people are claiming that Telegram is even more dangerous for privacy and that there system is easy to hack.

Why it is cool:

It is cool that Telegram set up a worldwide competition. Everyday there will be a message sent from one telephone to another via Telegram. If anyone can break into the system and monitor this message will win $200.000 in bitcoins. Till this day no one has claimed the prize. Although someone actually did find a flaw in Telegrams code, which could’ve been exploited in the future. Telegram handed out $100.000 to this person. So what this is telling me is that they probably are really about the privacy they claim to give, and give much money to keep the app safe. It seems like a transparant and honest company.

Why it has future growth potentional:

Telegram could have future growth potentional, but Whatsapp has been the number 1 for over years now. And it’s really hard to get all of these people to move to Telegram. So it still could go into 2 opposite directions



Total Transparency


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