Dutch supermarket and their label- fairy tales

What it is:

The price war in The Netherlands among supermarkets has been going on for over years now, but the real losers are the citizens and the animals. They all claim to have the best meat for the lowest price, but all they really care about is the price and the profit they make from it. The meat pretty much doesn’t mean anything to them, except that it’s their appliance to make that profit.

In the store shelves they all claim to have the best meat and make up the most nonsensical stories about where there food comes from and how good the animals they use for their meat lives.

For example there was this packing with shoarma and it said; “Craft according to Old Dutch Butcher recipe since 1955. Skillfully carved shoarma strips, spiced with cumin and mace.”. Nothing wrong with that you would think, only that shoarma isn’t Dutch but has it’s origin from the Mid-East since 1800. The original recipe is made from vertical stacked lambflesh, and it’s flavored with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg and is getting cut into strips while the flesh is spinning around.

Another example is from another supermarket that claims their animals they use for their meat are living in good circumstances, because their label has a star on it. Also a very good thing, if it was true. This one star only means that the animals get just enough iron to prevent anemia, they’re getting more roughage, the corrals have no bare slatted floor and the animals get shorter transport to farm and slaughterhouse. Upward of 2 or 3 stars they don’t even mention space to live for their animals. So if they live with like 600 animals in a corral made for 300 animals, they still got the star and they claim they give their animals a better/good quality of life.

Why it is cool:

It’s not that cool at all. But what I think is cool is to see how easy they can fool people with some nice stories on the packages of their food.

Why I think this has future growth potentional:

Like I have mentioned in some of my other blogposts, this is the time where the lying companies are getting exposed. Yet it’s weird to still see people getting fooled so easily by these companies. We pretty much all know we can’t trust them, but still we fall for their fairy tale commercials if we see 5 cows in a big green meadow while the sun shines down on them. Do we really believe them or do we just want to believe it so badly? I’m not sure yet what to say about future growth potentional.


http://www.foodinspiration.nl/blog/2014-01-13-labelleugens (Dutch)


Total Transparency


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