Obama has some transparency issues on his administration

What it is:

Barack Obama, president of the United States of America has some transparency issues on his administration.

When he took place as president of the USA years ago, he promised the people of America that he would have the most transparent administration in history. But in the last couple of years most agencies haven’t fully complied with requirements of Freedom of Information Act, also known as FOIA.

Last year the Obama administration has become more secretive than ever said an Associated Press analysis of federeal data. More than ever censoring or outright denying FOIA access to government files since Obama took place at the White House.


Why it is cool:

It is cool to see how transparency among citizens is still growing. Maybe the people who need to be transparent towards citizens are still not, but citizens all over de world are exposing these secrets themselves. Since internet more and more secrets are exposed which is good in my opinion. They just can’t fool everyone anymore.


Why it has future growth potentional:

I think the Obama administration issues don’t really have future growth potentional since this news is coming out. At the other side the exposing trend still has future growth potentional. The people want to know who leads them, and don’t want to be fooled by them. So if something like this happens, they now have the opportunities to find answers and share it with the world. Just like the insurrections all over the world against corrupt leaders.




Total Transparency



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