From sciencefiction to reality, TF-X’s flying car

What it is:

We’ve seen flying cars in movies like Harry Potter, yet we still drive on the road ourselves. But if it’s up to the group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni, not for much longer. This group devised a concept for a flying car named TF-X.

The TF-X will be a 4 seat car with 2 wings at it’s side and 3 motors inside. 2 electric motors good for 600 horsepower each which will drive the 2 propellers and 1 gasoline motor which is good for 300 horsepower. In the air the car is able to reach 321.8 kmh and can fly for 804.8 km distance.

The car can be flown by a licensed pilot with a minimal training of 5 hours. The car can also land itself on the ground if something happens with the pilot. For real bad cases the car will have it’s own parachute inside so the people inside the car can save themselves. The car will also detect and avoid crowded airlines itself.

Why it is cool:

This concept is cool because it’s going to make history and future at the same time. We’ve seen flying cars in movies for a while now but they never became anything but sciencefiction and dreams. Now this sciencefiction dream will come true in a few years (8 to 12 years the makers say)

Why it has future growth potentional:

I think the flying car has future growth potentional because it can be the problemsolver for traffic jams. While there are just a few traffic lines on the ground, the air has all the space you want and need. It’s not that you only have 3 or 4 traffic lanes to choose from in the air like we have these days. This car also runs mostly on electric motors which are way more sustainable and environmentally responsible than gasoline motors. This makes the cities more sustainable and creates a new way of human movement.

This contributes to the physical, material and emotional wellbeing of people.




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