Hive-Inn hotel

What it is:

The Hive-Inn hotel is a total new design to build a tower. The tower has a frame in the middle of it, and around that frame used sea containers will be used as rooms. The containers will not be in there as usaul, but more like the famous game ‘Jenga’. This construction makes that the building can shrink and grow whenever wanted or needed. The architects say it is easy to remove or add containers in every position of the building.

The containers will probably also function as an adverticement for companies. They can buy hotelroom container(s) which will be made in the theme of the company, in- and outside.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because it’s such a new way of building and living and it is also environment friendly because of the re-use of the used containers. This way of building makes a tower so much more flexible.

Why it has future growth potentional:

This has growth potentional because the way of building is not only suitable for towers, but (maybe) also for houses. Nowadays when you and your partner expecting kids for example, you need to move out and go live bigger in another house. or vice versa when your kids moving out of your house and you want to live smaller again, you also need to move out to another house. But if this structure is going further it can be possible to just add or move extra room to/from your current house within no time instead of being busy moving to another house for weeks or even months.

This contributes to the material wellbeing, social wellbeing and emotional wellbeing.




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