sustainable roads


What it is:

A group of researchers from the University of Alberta’s Integrated Road Research Facility (IRRF) are busy doing tests on new sustainable roads. A 500 metre long road on the northeast Anthony Henday, near the Edmonton Waste Management Facility is part of this test. The group of researchers want to test new road constructions made of recycled tires to prevent problems current roads have. One of these problems is temperatures below zero. When it’s winter, moisture will get in between little cracks in the road. When the temperature will drop below zero after, this moisture will freeze and expand in between these cracks, which will break the road. Driving on a road that’s broken increases the risk of the driver and potentional accidents because of losing control of the car or so.

To build these roads there will be nearly one million rubber tires needed and 800 tonnes of bottom ash. The test road is equipped with over 200 sensors which can be used by the researchers to see how the road will do after it’s opened this july. The biggest challenges will be freeze and thaw.

Why it is cool:

This is cool because this construction is innovative, sustainable and also because if it works it will make driving safer when roads will no longer have those cracks and holes in it. And who thought you could still drive on your tires when they’re no longer usable for your car. Just donate them to the road.

Why it has future growth potentional:

It’s hard to say if this construction really has growth potentional because they’re still testing it, it even still have to be opened for the real tests. Besides that, one million used tires for 80 metres of road is a big number, so how realizable is this construction for the world. Ofcourse it is possible the rubber for the road will be made in factories, but then, how sustainable is the road then? We’ll have to wait for a time to see how the road will do with traffic, but for now it’s a good innovation to make the world a little more sustainable and driving safer.

When driving will be safer because of this new road construction it will contribute to the physical wellbeing (mobility & personal safety), material wellbeing (security&transport) and emotional wellbeing (faith/belief) of people who ride on these roads.




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